Ruban Hospital for Women and Children is the best maternity hospital in Patna. We offer the most comprehensive treatment for all disorders. Learn more about the services here.

Obstetrics department provides care from pre conception, through pregnancy till the delivery of your baby. An obstetrician ensures that all measures and care is taken of the pregnant woman in order to prevent any kind of complication that may occur at the time of pregnancy and delivery. As the best maternity hospital in Patna, we at Ruban Hospital for Women and Children, do NOT refuse high risk pregnant patients and you will be counselled in depth with compassion.

Ruban Hospital for Women and Children is privileged to have working with us some highly trained and experienced obstetricians who ensure a smooth transition of a healthy newborn and the mother into their daily routine life. Proper care is ensured from the antenatal stage to childbirth. The professionals involved in the Obstetrics services are highly trained in terms of a vaginal delivery and even emergency caesarian section.
We review, discuss and evaluate the test results and diagnosis and prepare a treatment plan based on them. Millions of women all over suffer from numerous complications, which they might not be aware of. We have a team of best gynaecologists in Patna, who strive to treat them with love, care and meanwhile educate them with the must-known facts and tips for emergency purposes.

Registration of the Patient

Receiving patients’ full information is critical and thus we expect our patients to comply with the rules and complete all the details requested for on the registration desk.

Booking for Ruban Hospital for Women and Children

For the best fertility care, minimal access surgery, cosmetic surgery or painless delivery of your baby, book your bed at Ruban Hospital for Women and Children.

Antenatal Check-up

Your first consultation with the doctor is the most important one, choose your healthcare provider wisely. We discuss your antenatal care options, explore them and choose from what suits you the best.


Prenatal counselling matters the most during the time of your pregnancy. We help you deal with the changes pregnancy has in the body and provide a safe space to talk about the less talked about concerns because we understand you.

Medicine and Nutritional Advice

For expecting mothers, it becomes important to be well versed with diet and nutrition. Obstetricians at Ruban Hospital for Women and Children will guide you about good health and nutrition.

Pregnancy Physiotherapy and Exercises

We emphasis antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy to make the journey of motherhood pleasurable.

All Necessary Investigations

The routine tests are vital during pregnancy for a healthy track of the body. We monitor the fetal heart rate, fetal ultrasound and maternal blood testing performed during the first and second trimester of pregnancy as well as other investigations you may need.

Triaging High Risk Cases

We do not refuse high-risk cases. With all the latest equipment and obstetrics expertise, we strive to deliver the best for you and your baby.

All Necessary Interventions

We at Ruban Hospital for Women and Children delay in any necessary interventions for you and your baby’s’ wellness.

Dates/Appointments for Follow-up

A patient’s relationship with the doctors at Ruban Hospital for Women and Children does not end with the treatment. We establish long term relationship with continuous follow-ups.