In House Pharmacy


Ruban Hospital for Women and Children has a 24×7 in-house pharmacy for all its patients. It reduces the time taken in getting the medicines to the patients. The in-house pharmacies have emerged as a vital component in the quest to provide patients with high quality, high value and convenient personalized health care. Successful treatment is the one which is complete, Ruban Hospital for Women and Children believes in giving their patient a complete and all round health care with no hassle in attaining your medicine.

The pharmacy at our hospital is well established with all the medications you may need during the treatment. The most valuable benefit of an in-house pharmacy is the ability to monitor and improve patient compliance. By dispensing at the point of care, medications are readily available for the patients, on the same day as their clinical appointment.

As a part of the comprehensive care team, we provide an extra eye to monitor patients’ progress. The hospital pharmacist is a well-trained medicine expert who advises on prescribing, administering and monitoring to the patients. He also keeps the supply of medicines in check, and ensures that the medicines are available through procurement, storage, distribution, inventory control, and quality assurance.

The in house pharmacy at Ruban Hospital for Women and Children works as an integrated team for the all-round health care of patients and avoid expensive and unnecessary third party interventions.