Ambulance Service


Ruban Hospital for Women and Children is the pioneer of modern-day emergency care in Bihar. We have round the clock ambulance service geared for any emergency, surgical or medical. The ambulances under our name are well equipped with all the required machines, managed by trained personnel. The patient handling equipment is well versed with special features. The autoloading stretchers, spine board also called scoop stretcher, the head immobilizer, wheelchair, emergency, and resuscitation kit, and medical equipment are the various special features of ambulance at Ruban Memorial Hospital for Women and Children.

The ambulance is a mobile care unit which provides the same level of first aid in the community as is available in the hospital. Our ambulances are air-conditioned and have special shock absorbers to provide maximum comfort to the patients during transfer to hospital. All our ambulances are equipped with ventilators, full monitoring systems, syringe pumps, and portable suction units for emergency cases. We also have full resuscitation equipment including Defibrillation which is vital in life-threatening situations like cardiac dysrhythmias.