24X7 Doctors


At emergency times, just getting to the hospital does not matter, what matters the most is availability of doctors when you need them. Ruban Hospital for Women and Children has 24×7 available obstetric and pediatric doctors to treat the emergency cases and give the best health care service to the women and children in need including PICU and NICU. We believe in early identification of our high risk patients and the need to provide the required health care. On arrival at Ruban, you will be taken to the Emergency Triaging Area and attended by the nurse to check your health essentials like heart rate, blood pressure and diabetes.

The doctors review, discuss and evaluate the test results and diagnose and prepare a treatment plan based on them. Many emergencies do come up at odd times, which needs to be treated urgently. We strive to treat you with love, care and meanwhile educate them with the must-know facts and tips for such emergency times. We do not say no to such high-risk cases.

We understand that your child/baby might need a doctor anytime, or the labour pain may start anytime in pregnant women. We are available round the clock to provide aid to patients’ in need.